A Very Chic Day at ChicStudios

I had so much fun during my visit at ChicStudios here in NYC! If you’re familiar with ChicStudios great, if not then let me tell you a little bit about this makeup artistry school. Founded in 2012 by makeup artist Amy Nicole, ChicStudios is a leading makeup artistry school (Licensed by the NYSED) providing an array of fashion-forward techniques and practices through course instruction, live hands-on lessons and the new ‘chic boutique’ store. There is an LA location for this school as well.

The studio is very pretty, hot pink being an accent color which is the chicest of them all (to me). The students were learning about basic makeup application for the class that I sat in on. Everyone was welcoming, pleasant and focused. When I walked in they were all working on fellow students, practicing on getting their foundation color just right. Instead of just buying a foundation to fit the shade of whomever, it was brought to my attention that since on your face you are sometimes discolored they instead mix multiple foundation colors from Mac to get the perfect result. Interesting right?

After that was done we all gathered around because the makeup model of the day arrived. The model, who was very pretty without makeup, sat down and we all watched as a student got put on the spot as she was called on to prep/cleanse the skin of the model before the instructor, Angelique Velez, started the demo. I’m not sure about you girls out there but I am not prepping my skin correctly before getting glammed up! The exact steps were putting cleanser on the face, then washing it off by spraying water and gently wiping it off, toner, moisturizer, THEN primer. I made sure to note this as the instructor said this gives you better results if you thoroughly prep your skin before doing any kind of makeup application.

The demo continued on, and the instructor was going for simple day look. This was definitely achieved, and in the end the students and I did the usual oo and ahh :). While the application took a while because we had many questions along the way, every question – related or random, was fully answered and every move was broken down step by step. Angelique is very detailed and is a great instructor, I know that all of the students there are going to leave ChicStudios feeling that they were very well-informed of all of the many steps/products/techniques that are offered at the school.

ChicStudios offers many classes, 4 week long classes, 5 week long classes, airbrush, bridal, fashion & runway classes, etc. Make sure that you check out the website below if you’re interested in taking your makeup career to another level by learning more about makeup artistry.

Thank you so much to ChicStudios for allowing me to be a fly on the wall during your class, I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot :).

[P.S. we were just in one classroom, there are other classrooms as well :)]

ChicStudios NYC

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