ClearCorrect Journey : Trays 1 & 2 Review

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As I mentioned in December, I was granted the wonderful opportunity to stat my ClearCorrect journey. ClearCorrect is a company that offers an invisible alternative to braces. I got fitted for my aligners then, and 2 weeks ago began my ClearCorrect journey. I wanted to experience my first tray before officially beginning my blogging process. I had to wear Tray 1 for 2 weeks, and on Tuesday  I transitioned into Tray 2, which will have to also be worn for 2 weeks.


The first day wearing the aligners was slightly uncomfortable and I had a MAJOR lisp. Lol, I was nervous that the trays could be seen because of how odd my speech was but when I glanced in the mirror nobody could even tell that I had them on. I was just self-conscious about everything for the first few days. Literally nobody noticed that I had the trays on because they are definitely clear.

The pain was minimal. You feel a bit of pressure when first putting them on and there is tightness. It really feels like the process is quickly working already and you will find yourself glancing in the mirror everyday to see a change. Do not drive yourself crazy lol, trust the process and know that it is working. If your tolerance of pain is low, take an advil and you will be fine. I’m headache and migraine-prone and I haven’t had to take one yet so that says a lot.

Now that I am on the second tray I know that the 1st tray was a piece of cake! This tray is very tight and there is major pressure when having them on. Already I see that the teeth adjacent to my front teeth are moving away from the teeth next to them, bringing my gap closer. I was nervous so I emailed my dentist Carrie Giuliano and she said its normal and they will all then move together. I’m so excited!

Look at my photos above with the aligners on close up. P.S. I had glitter from my highlighter on so ignore the glitter specs.


You have to brush your teeth after every meal or sugary drink that you have so you must carry around a tube of toothpaste, tooth brush, and some mouthwash as well as your ClearCorrect green case to place your aligners in. Also, you cannot eat with your aligners on**. I eat multiple times a day so I at one point brushed my teeth about 10 times in one day. I have since cut that down a bit out of not wanting to snack every second. This definitely could be a great diet method lol! It’s not as annoying as it sounds and it actually is great dental hygiene so all in all, a win.

Also, the case that is given to you is amazing because you could easily wrap your aligners in a napkin and get them thrown out so just putting it in the case saves you every time. Cute, small and compact.

So far, so good. What I love about ClearCorrect besides the fact that it is clear and invisible is the fact that you are in charge of your own treatment. You can take your aligners off to eat and drink, you do not have to worry about food getting stuck in your teeth like if you had wired braces. The aligners are clear, so if you would like to correct your smile at any age you do not have to worry about wearing wired braces and being self-conscious about being an older person with metal braces. You do not have to change anything about your lifestyle besides brushing your teeth more and giving up gum (or at least I did). Nothing else changes except for your smile. You can sit back and let the process happen without being self-conscious all of the time or afraid to smile.

The only downfall is dry mouth. I am drinking more water than ever, (and I hate water so ClearCorrect is actually helping my skin too lol!!), but you should just keep a bottle of water handy.

For more information on ClearCorrect, go to and search for providers in your area for a consultation.



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