ClearCorrect Tray 3 & 4

Boy, this process is going by so quickly! I am now on my second week of my 4th tray with ClearCorrect!!!! So far my experience with these last two trays are identical to the fist two, but when I had my appointment with  Dr. Carrie Giuliano I was fitted for my buttons.

The process of that was getting my teeth ‘flossed’ with a filer first, and then I had these buttons that match my teeth secured onto 3 of my top teeth & 1 on my bottom teeth. It made the fit tight and I had to use chewies to make the aligners fit correctly. The flossing was a bit of a bloody process and made my gums sore but I had a bit of crowding on the bottom row so I understand why it had to be done. My dentist told me it was to make room for my teeth to shift.

Other than that, the aligners just show how close your teeth are getting every time you put them on. It’s all very exciting!

Supposedly, I only have two more trays left, but I feel like I may need one or two in addition to that but we will see! If so, they will be off the week of my graduation!!!! I almost don’t want to believe that this process is almost over, I feel like I just started yesterday. This process has been so smooth and it hasn’t disrupted my schedule in any way, and I can correct my teeth without having to deal with metal braces or the issues some have with metal braces.

I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday, the 20th, to pick up my next two trays. I will take photos of my new trays as well as my dentist’s new dental office as she moved from 5th avenue to 15th and 3rd avenue. The office is beautiful!

I’ll be checking in again next week!

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