Degree or No Degree?


I’m sure whether you’re a college student, close friend of one or just someone online, you’ve probably seen all of the graduation pictures floating on your timeline. Congratulations to all of the graduates, I’m excited to walk across the stage and accept my diploma next semester! While many are congratulating the grads, I have seen some sour people on the side saying that degrees don’t equal success. While I agree, a degree does not equal definite success does that mean that one doesn’t need one?

I think that success depends on you as a person. If you are very fickle and you don’t ever commit to anything well then yeah, I don’t know how you expect everything to just go your way. I’ve seen many people sit on the side while others are working hard and they’re sour when those same hard workers reap the benefits of their hard work. Everything that is for you is only for you, and no one can take it – if they can, it was never meant for you. That’s a mouthful isn’t it? I live by that.

Many people have been successful without degrees so if you went or are currently in college because you feel as though you’re guaranteed success once you’re done then you’re totally lost. Students are in debt up to their eyeballs because of the loans that they take out to go to college. They eventually have to pay that money back. It’s all up to you and your work ethic. Your college degree or the prestigeĀ of your college will not make you a success, you have to make that happen for yourself.

You can still reach the top in my eyes if you’ve never attempted to go to college as you may have more drive than some starry-eyed college students. Either way I think its great if you can attend college and if you can’t but you still end up doing well for yourself then that’s also amazing. I just hate to see sourness online instead of a simple ‘congratulations’ to all of the graduates. Besides, we all have the same 24 hours and as long as we’re all productive within that time then what is stopping us?

– Congrats grads!!

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