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On Friday I was invited to an event at YouTube TV to celebrate the FOX television shows Empire and STAR, which premiere on Wednesday September 27th at 8 and 9PM. I was there with bells on as I love the show STAR, and like most I enjoy Lee Daniel’s other show – Empire.

I barely ever frequent the Chelsea Market so to know that on the 2nd floor of Chelsea Market is where YouTube TV is really shocked me! The studio is so intimate and cozy, and in the center up front is the stage. There are cushioned seats surrounding the stage and then bleacher style seats behind the cushioned seats.

We were treated to food and an open bar while we waited for everything to start. Our host was great as well, and she introduced us to two artists that are quite popular on YouTube and these artists covered the songs ‘You’re So Beautiful‘ from Empire and ‘I Bring Me‘ from STAR. Their renditions of the songs were great and it was nice to hear from fresh talent.

We were treated to an interview with Lee and I love the fact that he is so uncensored and real. He dropped some real gems and it was nice to be so up close and personal. The interview will be on YouTube soon so you guys will be able to check it out there. He did say that Quincy – (Derek) will be singing this season on STAR, he went into detail about newcomers to the show Luke James and Elijah Kelly.

Empire will be going back to its roots this season and there will not be a lot of celebrity guests. Lee noticed that most people were complaining about the fact that they missed scenes with just the family, the core of the show and he is taking it back to season 1.

The girls – Ryan Destiny, Jude Demorest and Brittany O’Grady came out to sing ‘Unlove You’ from Season 1’s soundtrack and they sounded and looked beautiful.

Then, Yazz graced the stage in a patent leather two piece and rapped his classic – Drip Drop.

After all of the performances there was a meet and greet in the back where we got to take photos with everyone and say a few words. I was so excited to meet the girls from Star, and it was a joy to speak with them. When I went to take my photo someone screamed out ‘you could be the fourth member’ and they said yeah, we all shared a good laugh. I love Ryan, and she looked beautiful in person.

Next up was a photo with Yazz and lastly I got a chance to speak with Lee. I walked up and introduced myself. Lee then asked me for my name and asked me what it is that I do. I told him I am a Fashion Designer and he lifted up my right arm and said yes, I love your style and this whole look. We took our photo and he complimented me, saying that I was beautiful and that it was so nice to meet me. Ya’ll, I wonder if I could actually act and said that I was an actress, if I would’ve gotten a part!?!? Lol!!!!

Thank you YouTube TV for such a great time!

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