Is Your Past An Anchor?

Do you feel as though your past is acting as an anchor, holding you back from progressing? I believe that everyone must change in order to actually go somewhere in life whether it be a physical change, emotional change, or a spiritual change. However, your core must stay the same.

You know what? Why do people use the phrase ‘you’ve changed’ as a negative thing? You’re supposed to evolve as an individual as time goes on. You hope to be better, have more depth, substance, etc. If we haven’t spoken in years and when we have a conversation you’re still in a high school state of mind then that is terribly frightening as well as it is sad.

I believe that as you get older you shed layers of who you once were to evolve into the person that you will be in the future. The other day I found my old tumblr and I was laughing because most of the things that I said that I was doing which was a big deal then – I’m doing x 10 now, and things that I said I hoped to do I’m doing now as well.

Sometimes you have to revisit the past if you can just to make sure you’re on the right path, and use it as motivation.

Next time someone informs you that ‘you’ve changed’, respond ‘thank you’ as they should try it.


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