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I’m Having a Matte Moment!

I was granted the wonderful opportunity to review the new Maybelline New York Creamy Matte Color Sensational collection back in January. Due to the craziness of this semester of school, Fashion Week, etc I was delayed in posting this review but I have been bragging via word of mouth. I am not going to beat around the bush, let’s just jump right in.


This collection is incredible. I have always raised an eyebrow at some matte lips I’ve seen while out because the person’s lips always look very dry. The color of the lipstick would be amazing but the girl’s lips would be so dry it would just take away from the overall look of the lipstick. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen with The Creamy Mattes. The Creamy Mattes are made with a unique formula that offers a soft looking matte finish while giving your lips a dreamy, creamy feel. It is a mix of a lipstick and a chap stick almost, because it moisturizes your lips while giving you that POW that every girl is looking for!!

There is only one shade that doesn’t give you much moisture, and that shade is actually my favorite. Its a burgundy dark purple-ish red called Divine Wine, and I practically wore it all Fashion Week. It is an attention grabber and totally sets the mood of your whole makeup look, it’s beautiful! I received so many compliments, I must have said Maybelline about 8 times one day while going from show to show in Lincoln Center.

Long Lasting! 

These lipsticks last until your day is totally over. No lie, no exaggeration, no fibs! I only had to reapply my lipstick once while wearing it out of all of the times I’ve worn the various shades in the collection outside, and that was only because I kept wiping my lips without realizing it. I ate dinners, drank beverages, etc and my lipstick remained intact and as bold as can be. The shades don’t fade, and as I said above, they don’t dry out your lips – except for one shade.

I cannot express to you how great this collection is. The variety of colors is wide enough for people of all skin tones and ethnicities. If you are more of a gloss person or swear off of lipstick because you believe that it is too messy then I would recommend this collection because it doesn’t smear at all. I honestly forget that I’m wearing it every time that I have it on. It is that neat and manageable, and keeps your lips extremely soft.

Want to Know More?

As stated above, this collection is made with a new and unique formula that offers a soft looking finish while old formulas used powders to absorb oil and reduce shine. It is the perfect combo of mattifying cream and saturated color! These are modern mattes, get with it!

There are 10 rich shades: Nude Embrace, Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice, Lust for Blush, Ravishing Rose, Faint for Fuchsia, Mesmerizing Magenta, Craving Coral, Siren in Scarlet, and Divine Wine.  (Divine Wine, omg).

You must run out and buy these now! They retail for $7.49. Below are a few photos of me with various shades of the collection on!! Also, above check out the collection as well as two photos of swatches of the lipsticks on my arm (1st one with flash, 2nd without).

Thank me later 😉

Maybelline Mattes
Maybelline Mattes – Siren in Scarlet
Maybelline Mattes - Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes – Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes - Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes – Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes - Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes – Divine Wine
Maybelline Mattes - Mesmerizing Magenta
Maybelline Mattes – Mesmerizing Magenta
Maybelline Mattes - Craving Coral
Maybelline Mattes – Craving Coral




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