21 And Counting..

21 and counting..

It is my 21st birthday today, and it has been wonderful. I really can’t believe that I am 21, I feel like time is flying by.. but I am just getting started. In these 21 years I have become wiser, stronger, and even more determined to accomplish everything I set my mind to and to live life to the fullest. I am very proud of the young woman that I have become.

With God’s guidance and my mother + grandmother’s support, I will be just fine. I hope to gain at least half of the strength, smarts, wisdom, and heart that my mother and grandmother have. My mom is my other half, and it’s still very touching when she picks my birthday cards. My mom never disappoints, and I can always count on her to make me smile. I am ecstatic whenever it’s the morning of my birthday because I know that my grandma is going to call me at the crack of dawn to wish me happy birthday,  and shower me with kisses via phone. I just love her, even though she usually wakes me up extremely early during her calls lol! It’s not a birthday without it.

It’s funny because it’s my birthday today but I’m not celebrating until May, yes.. that late, don’t judge me (lol). All of my friend’s birthdays are late, so by May a few more of them are turning 21 and they will be back home from school so I can celebrate in true Xenia Amirah style! I am looking forward to it. I will not take my first drink until then too. I’m in no rush, I’ve waited my whole life.. what is another month and a few days?! I’m very proud of myself that I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t drink until I was 21, it feels great that I kept the promise to myself :). I realized earlier like…. I’m legal!! Omg, no more restrictions. I can gamble with no problems, I can drink (pink drinks only dahhhling), and I can finally enter certain contests, etc that I wasn’t able to before!

Thank you to those who took the time out to wish me happy birthday via phone, email, or social media.. I appreciate it :). 21, and here is to many many more Xensational years!

“Your 21st BIRTHDAY!
Your coming of age!
In life’s golden book
An exciting new Page.
Such wonderous joys
May it bring into view –
The best life can hold,
May they all be for YOU.

You’re 21, and now it’s time
To wish you lots of things,
So firstly there’s the happiness
A Birthday always brings,
Then naturally there’s lots of luck
And deep contentment, too,
And lastly all the joy you’ll know
As well-laid plans come true! “


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