Growth is a large ingredient in the recipe for success in this crazy thing that we call life. Though it is essential, that does not mean that it doesn’t impose pain, on yourself or others. As you grow older you will eventually be grateful for your own growth, every aspect. If you are not growing, you’re not going …. anywhere fast. Some people do not want to grow and you should avoid these people at all cost. Complacency is not something that should ever be tolerated in your life.

Have you ever come across an old goal sheet of your’s (am I the only one that is obsessed with writing things into existence?) and realized how what you wanted at 16 years old is totally different than what you currently want at maybe 20 or 21 years old? Depending on your maturity level at 16, this is truly understandable but sometimes it can be really alarming. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with this.

I can honestly say that though I have a long road (god willing) ahead of me, I am content with my growth at this point. I believe that everything that I am supposed to have will come my way as long as I keep getting myself ready to be in the position to receive that blessing. I believe in karma, good and bad and I also believe in the saying that whatever you put out into the universe will reflect upon you and like karma – come back to you. If you put out positive energy, do positive things, and remain a positive person there will be no reason as to why positive things won’t happen to you.

Some people you will out grow and others you will grow with. Those friends and family members that you outgrew were not meant to grow with you. That is okay. I like to take time to myself to reflect on certain things and it is in those times of reflection that I realize some of this. This doesn’t mean that you wake up one day and cut off all of your friends and acquaintances. To me, it means that you acknowledge that you’ve outgrown the friendship and put less effort in trying to revive something that is dead or on its way to being dead. Spring cleaning doesn’t only occur in your home, it sometimes is very much necessary in other areas of your life!

Growth is a beautiful thing; embrace it, encourage it, and appreciate it! Growth is an option. You can wake up and decide to be no better than you were yesterday just like you can get up today and decide that you want to be totally different and better than you were yesterday. Many people claim that they want to grow but do not want to risk anything for that growth. Sometimes you have to take a jump whether that be career-wise, socially, academically, or maybe move out of your home town. Some want to grow tremendously and others welcome complacency because of fear of failure.



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