Sausage and Peppers with Penne Pasta!

Take a look at my dinner that I made tonight in the gallery above! Included are the usual seasonings that I use, which I also used to make this dish and a photo of my dinner before I demolished it, lol.

I absolutely love my new wok that I got when I went over to Jersey to do a big grocery at Walmart. I ended up wandering into various isles at Walmart picking up things that I don’t need, you know, the usual things that you do at Walmart, and I discovered this wok. It was reasonably priced and I instantly envisioned how great my shrimp would taste when using this pot!

So, I’ve retired my pink frying pans and other pots, and this has been my main squeeze since I bought it. Its a pain to pack away though as its huge, but it gets the job done.

I just wanted to share the photos with you guys!

Keep you posted!


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